Welcome to RIT's 175th Anniversary website. The University celebrated the anniversary during the 2004-05 academic year. This website is no longer active and will no longer be updated. The site remains active, however, to preserve the history of both RIT and the anniversary year.

Celebrating 175 Years
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College of Science Timeline
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Science course offered in support of Household Arts and Sciences, Industrial Arts.

Course in Electricity (Ohm’s Law)

Qualitative Analysis, Physics, Electricity, Algebra, Geometry

Botany course offered – careful study of anatomy and morphology, physiology, ecology and natural science. Zoology course offered. Astronomy course offered.

Chemistry of Textiles

Household Chemistry and Household Physics

Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry are offered in the School of Industrial Arts.

requirements for admission: H.S. diploma and a full year’s work in Physics or Biology.

Two-year course of study in Chemistry to prepare people to become managers of industrial plants where chemical processes play an important part.

Industrial Chemistry course of study: tuition (=$200/year)

Course in industrial chemistry started.

Physics and chemistry courses taught in support of Photographic Technology (precursor to Imaging Science).

Industrial Chemistry becomes Chemistry major. Also Chemical Engineering, Metal Finishing Alternating periods of on campus instruction with co-ops. Course in microbiology and biochemistry offered.

AAS in Chemistry -- First in New York State.

AAS in Medical Technology -- Full-time 2 year program to prepare individuals to work in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies. Board certification.

Organizational structure changes to Department/Division.

AAS Chemistry, BS Chemistry, AAS Clinical Laboratory Tech. (Division of Engineering & Science).

Division of Applied Science

The Department of Chemistry established. Medical Technology offered.

College of Science is established.

The Department of Mathematics is established.


Zoology course offered.

COS Dean was Ralph L. Van Peursem. Had Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics Departments. First computing course through math department: "Computer Techniques".

Chemistry Department offers MS in Chemistry. Tuition is $1270/year. Offered 2 year degree in Industrial Chemistry Technology Degrees that consist of 190 credits. Medical Technology and Industrial Chemistry Technolgy degrees are 185 credits, 4th year is spent at hospital.


B.S. Biology

B.S. Applied Mathematics

B.S. Physics

Under COS with Director Frederick R. Henderson, “The Computer Center is an integral part of the College of Science. It offers courses which supplement the instruction given in other departments of the Institute.” Computer Center occupied the first floor of 50 West Main Street.

B.S.Medical Technology

B.S. Nuclear Medicine Technology

B.S. Clinical Chemistry

Clinical Sciences Department is formed (includes Medical Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, and Biomedical Computing).

B.S. Computational Mathematics

New B.S. in Biomedical Computing

A.S. General Science

B.S. Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Program in Biotechnology begins.

The Munsell Color Science Laboratory is established at RIT with a grant from the Munsell Color Foundation. Its first director is Professor Franc Grum of the Department of Photographic Science, forerunner of the Center for Imaging Science.


B.S. Polymer Chemistry

Imaging Science Ph.D. Program begins. First Ph.D. program at RIT and first such program in the U.S.

Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science dedicated. Houses the new program in Imaging Science.


The symbolic computation room opens, followed later by a symbolic computation lab and statistics lab.

B.S./ M.S. Applied Statistics

B.S./ M.S Computational Mathematics /Computer Science

B.S. Physician Assistant

B.S./ M.S Chemistry

B.S./ M.S Polymer Chemistry /Chemistry


Carlson Center for Imaging Science joins College of Science.
Imaging Science (Photographic Science & Instrumentation 3/83 to Imaging & Photographic Science 11/85).
Color Science (Color Science, Appearance & Technology 5/89 to Color Science).

B.S./ M.S Industrial Engineering / Applied Statistics offered.


Biochemistry BS


Joint Interdisciplinary Course offering: The Clock, offered by College of Science, College of Liberal Arts and College of Applied Science and Technology.

B.S. Chemistry (Environmental Option)


B.S./ M.S Computational Mathematics / Industrial & Applied Mathematics

B.S./ M.S Applied Statistics / Industrial & Applied Mathematics

B.S./ M.S Applied Mathematics / Industrial & Applied Mathematics



Environmental Science BS/MS degrees

Environmental Science program. This innovative program was designed in cooperation with practicing environmental professionals in the College of Science and College of Liberal Arts.

BS Biochemistry/MS Chemistry degrees

RIT imaging scientists Robert Johnston and Roger Easton Jr. use imaging technology to reveal a transcription of Greek mathematician Archimedes, hidden under a later manuscript using ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelengths to separate the faint script and 55 geometric drawings from liturgical writings made over original writing.




A new cross disciplinary course, Analogy, Mathematics, and Poetry is developed and team-taught by Professor Marcia Birken of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (College of Science) and by Professor Anne Coon of the Department of Language and Literature (College of Liberal Arts). The course explores analogy as the “glue” that links math and poetry.

The Physics Department in conjunction with the College of science and the First-In-Class program establish the NanoPower Research labs.

Meghann Lyons Fulbright Scholar. Studied human genetics in Iceland during the summer on a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship

B.S./ M.S Biomedical Computing / Computer Science offered.

New B.S. and M.S. program in Bioinformatics that merges biotechnology and information technology.



Due to record enrollments the College of Science expands into four buildings: College of Science (08), Center for Imaging Science (76), Louise Slaughter Building (78) and Lewis Ross Building (10)

Allied Health Sciences department changes name to Medical Sciences Department.

Undeclared Science changes name to General Science Exploration.

Environmental Science merges with the Biology Department.

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