FITL 2013 Expo

For something special this year, visit the Expo Room featuring a myriad of interesting displays, hands-on activities, and discussion. See our exciting list of Expo presenters below. The Expo is open from 11 am – 5 pm.

Get Connected! NSF ADVANCE Connect@RIT and You

Carol Marchetti, John-Paul Hatala, Margaret Bailey, Kerry Ivers

The NSF ADVANCE Connect@RIT project is an innovative program designed to enhance representation and leadership opportunities for female faculty in the STEM fields as well as the social and behavioral sciences fields. The project model, based on social resources theory, suggests that individuals accomplish goals by gaining access to their networks, identifying social resources, and mobilizing them to accomplish an objective. Learn what the RIT ADVANCE team is doing to enhance opportunities for women faculty, and find out how much you really know about your own social network.

Massage Your Way to “Better Me” Health

Joe Delgado, Jacques-Luis Nodar

You made it! You completed the school year, finished your grades, so what better time to stop at RIT’s Better Me Wellness booth for your free 5-minute, relaxing, health-giving chair massage? Stop in to have all of your health and wellness related questions answered! Personal trainers will be available to help you with fitness questions and to provide general nutrition information. Take a look at some of the barriers facing your goal toward better health, and learn strategies on how to overcome them. Past successes of Better Me clients will be showcased.

Milestones in Innovative Education at RIT and NTID

Becky Simmons, Joan Naturale

RIT, and in particular NTID, have been at the forefront of innovation in education. Staff and faculty at NTID have devoted themselves to research on new tools and technologies to make education more accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Learn about Robert Panara’s groundbreaking English classes tailored especially for deaf students, and view footage of major literary events surrounding ASL and ASL poetry held in Rochester and at NTID. RIT’s curricular highlights include the domestic science program, founded in the 1890s; a nationally known educational experiment undertaken in the 1930s that completely revamped the curriculum; and the Free University of the 1970s. Historical artifacts, photographs, posters and recordings from the RIT Archives and NTID History and Deaf Studies Archive will illustrate these and other projects and advances.

Paint Chip Poetry

Kari Horowicz, Margaret Bartlett

The first volume of Pink Story by Barb Hunt and Marlene MacCallum, found in the Artists’ Book collection of the RIT Libraries, tells the story of a “stereotypical” woman’s life through the colors and descriptive words found on paint chips. This book serves as the springboard for this exposition. Share conversations on pattern, shape, and form, then create your own collage/poetry with the paint chips. All collage supplies will be provided. Relax and create your OWN paint chip poetry!

RIT Press and Scholarly Publishing Studio

Laura DiPonzio Heise, Nick Paulus

RIT Press is a scholarly publishing enterprise dedicated to the innovative use of new publishing technology while upholding high standards in content quality, publication design, and print/digital production. The Press offers specialized titles for niche academic audiences, trade editions for mass-market audiences, occasional limited editions with unique aesthetic standards, as well as gift items. (A small selection of items will be available for purchase at FITL- cash only.)

The Scholarly Publishing Studio (SPS) connects the works of RIT scholars with comprehensive publishing services from pre-publishing consultation to dissemination. We currently host 10 open access journals and scholarly conference proceedings, covering a broad range of disciplines. Stop by our table to learn about the exciting open-access possibilities that make the dissemination of research accessible to everyone.

Tablet-to-Tablet: Research and Teaching at the Cary Graphic Arts Collection

Steven Galbraith, Amelia Fontanel

RIT’s Cary Collection is widely regarded as one of the preeminent rare book libraries in the country for book history and graphic communication studies. Within the collection are artifacts related to fields as diverse as literature, graphic design, journalism, philosophy, mechanical engineering, printing, and photography. Visit us at FITL and learn how you might support your research and teaching with our primary resources. While you’re here, “Destress With The Press” and print a card using one of our historical printing presses.

Toward a Sustainable University: The Campus as a Canvas

Enid Cardinal

Interest in sustainability is growing both on and off campus. Because it spans across disciplines, there are many ways to weave sustainability into a class or research. Student projects from one such class in graphic design will be on display.